The Belfast Mural Guide

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The Belfast Mural Guide

The Belfast Mural Guide, Published by MSF Press

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The Belfast Mural Guide

Locate Series

This Pocket Size Book offers the visitor to Belfast an invaluable aid to locating all the main murals in the city.

Republican, Loyalist, cultural, historical and nonpolitical murals are located by both the street on which they are located and by their GPS position.


Don’t miss any of Belfast’s International murals on your visit.  International figures from around the world feature in much of our Street Art.

International Murals

Gaelic sports, Irish Language, traditional musicians and many more aspects of culture have found their way into our cities murals.

Cultural Murals

Locate the giant Finn McCool, of the Giant’s Causeway fame on the streets of Belfast or create your own personal tour of the city.

Mythological Murals

Many of Belfast’s murals are based around Human Rights Campaigns.  Visit the murals and learn of struggles for truth and justice.

Human Rights Murals


Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: MSF Press

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0956806918

Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.5 x 0.9 cm

Price: £4.50

The Belfast Mural Guide

Create your own walking tour through the republican areas of Belfast and see the murals dedicated to Republicans  who died in the conflict.

Loyalist areas of Belfast contain many paramilitary murals.  Find the locations of all the main UDA/UFF and UVF inspired murals.

Visit the City’s many non political murals.  See murals of comic book heroes such as Superman, the Incredible Hulk and many more.

See murals and learn about our history.  Learn about The Battle of the Boyne, the Somme; the Easter Rising, The Belfast Blitz and modern history.

Loyalist Murals
Republican Murals
Non Political Murals
Historical Murals


Black Taxi Tours

Take a ‘Taxi Trax’ Black Taxi Tour through the streets of Belfast and visit many of the sites featured in ‘The Belfast Mural Guide’ or use the guide to help you tailor your tour to suit your interests.

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